Specialist Services

Bayside Pharmacy

Ensuring we meet your needs

In addition to our extensive list of traditional services, we employ pharmacy specialists to ensure that your needs are met across the health spectrum. The combination of both traditional and specialist services creates a holistic approach to good health, and we take our customers’ needs very seriously. We can also provide a range of ‘practitioner-only’ products.

If you are experiencing any concerns or requirements about the following list of services, please contact us or pop in to start the journey to better health.

Specialist Services:

Vaccination Services

We offer several vaccinations to our customers including annual influenza, Covid-19, Tetanus, Whooping cough, Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Travel Health

We offer a tailored approach to our travel health services, taking into consideration your individual health needs as well as the regular vaccinations and preparation for travel.


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Pain Management

We promote pain management for our patients by looking at how pain can be safely and effectively managed.

Wound Management

We offer a wide variety of primary and secondary dressings for acute and complex wounds. Our team can also assist with wound care in pharmacy.